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Storage Integrity

Underground storage is a well-established technology. For the past several decades liquid and gaseous energy carriers have been stored in caverns or porous rocks across the world to secure consistent supply. The long-term integrity of these underground storages is of paramount importance to both the operating company and the public at large. In this context integrity means: Stability and operational safety, as well as impermeability against the storage medium.

Beginning in the earliest planning stages, safety and a very strict adherence to the highest technical standards are the building blocks of our work. We have put together a multi-disciplinary team of experts, so we can support our customers in all phases of the project and beyond - for the lifetime of an underground storage cavern.

We regard the storage cavern as an integrated system: the geological conditions, the technical installations below-ground and the well-heads above-ground all are critical components. The safety of both humans and the environment, legal requirements and technical and economic parameters all need to be considered when talking about storage integrity.

DEEP Underground Engineering supports operators of storage caverns by offering individualized inspection and maintenance programmes. Our services include corrosion testing and protection, measurements and testing in the borehole, completion and monitoring of operating parameters. We provide specially trained supervisors for on-site assignments and have experienced engineers and geoscientists on staff to analyse the technical data. When it comes to safe underground storage, we set new standards.

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