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Salt Geology

Based on its unique material properties, salt has a special place among all rocks and minerals. Salt is a valuable resource, as well as construction material for underground structures such as caverns and mines. But not all salt is created equal. While most salt deposits are similar in their basic properties, details vary greatly from location to location.

Our in-depth knowledge of the geology of salt deposits is the foundation of our success. Every salt production or storage project requires the development of an accurate understanding the structure of the salt deposit and the surrounding geology. Only then can reliable projections and dependable predictions be made on the sustainability and operational safety of the project. The geoscientists of DEEP Underground Engineering are experts on the processes involved with the deposition and deformation of salt rocks. The analysis and interpretation of samples and data, which offer an insight into the conditions below ground, is part of their daily work. Exploration programs are developed, monitored and documented during the planning period in the office and later on site, utilizing a wealth of project experiences which have grown continuously through the years.

Working with cutting edge science and technology, as well as maintaining a constant exchange with other international experts is a given for us. Our daily tools include the latest 3D-software for the interpretation and visualization of complex geological features. We work closely with established service providers while monitoring the geological aspects of the drilling operations and when utilizing specialized measuring and exploration processes.

Many geochemical and petrographical questions are answered in our own laboratories.

At DEEP Underground Engineering the geoscientists, engineers and technicians work closely together – from the outset of initial data screening until the cavern is put into service.

DEEP Underground Engineering has the geological expertise needed throughout the entire project – for tailor-made engineering solutions in salt.

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