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Drilling and Completion

Drilling and completion engineering provides access to the subsurface and ensures a safe and efficient exploration, production and storage operation. DEEP Underground Engineering not only plans and produces new wells, we also develop concepts for work-overs, maintenance, remediation and long term safe-keeping of existing wells.

Every well is unique and so requires an individualized approach. The technical and budgetary demands of a project need to be considered in combination with the geological parameters to the best possible advantage. Especially cavern storage wells with large diameters and heavy loads require a special approach - it is here that DEEP Underground Engineeering has set new industry standards in the last few years.

International standards and norms, coupled with our own high safety requirements form the basis for the planning and execution of a well and its subsequent completion. We employ a multi-disciplinary approach, which, together with many years of experience has proven highly successful: Our geoscientists, along with the drilling engineers, solution mining experts and mechanical engineers develop individualized concepts based on state-of-the-art technology.

Drilling a well is a complex undertaking and requires specialists from different fields of expertise to work hand in hand. It is our job to precisely coordinate their specific tasks. DEEP Underground Engineering has long-established relationships with respected service providers such as drilling contractors, specialists for directional drilling and coring, companies specializing in mud service, cementing and logging services as well as with production companies of completion equipment and wellheads. Our drilling engineers have the necessary training and certification to closely monitor and supervise all aspects of the drilling process in conformity with international legal regulations and requirements.

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of services, starting with support in the planning stages of operation procedures all the way to a completed well.

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