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About Us

DEEP Underground Engineering is a leader in the field of sub-surface technology. Not only is DEEP involved in every important German cavern project, we are also heavily sought after in the international market. We are the specialists who can meet the underground technology needs of the energy providers, the solution mining industry and in the field of salt production. DEEP Underground Engineering works closely with the customer to offer individualised solutions, combining 20 years of experience with cutting edge science and technology. We have only one goal in planning and executing a project: find the best possible, most economical and safest solution for the customer. At DEEP the engineers, geoscientists, and technicians work hand in hand to create projects which are dynamic and multidisciplinary-oriented.

Each location is unique; each project requires a new approach. Our experts, with their many different specialties, work as a team – starting with the initial exploration of a project until the cavern is put into service. We also have a close working relationship with our sister company KBB Underground Technologies to complement and support each other on joint projects with both expertise and personnel. As a flexible service provider we are able to respond to all requirements in a highly dynamic manner. The combination of up-to-date knowledge, strict quality assurance and confidentiality has proven to be the successful basis of our work. The challenges grow – but we continue to be committed to our high standard of quality.